Frequently asked questions

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What is Escapade?

Escapade is an entirely new way in travel that offers people the ability to streamline and simplify short getaways with unlimited staycations for one monthly cost.

How does Escapade work?

Once you purchase an Escapade monthly package, you can stay as many times as you want with any of our hotel partners.  Simply search and book rooms with the user-friendly, Escapade mobile app.

Why Escapade?

Escapade helps you make the most of getaways so that you can plan staycations without worrying about cost. With Escapade, you can streamline all your accommodation expenses and booking processes in one convenient location.

Whether it’s a Couple Retreat with your wife or a Girls’ Night Out to end the week, we’ve got you covered. Simply put, Escapade is your golden ticket to apply for that damn leave and to let your hair down.

How do I know Escapade is right for me?

Escapade is for couples and friends who want to spend their time enjoying moments and do away with checking hotel deals and managing budgets. You know it is right for you if you wish you could have an environment to spend quality times with loved ones and friends, but yet frustrated with fluctuating room prices, or have been searching for a way to manage your entertainment expenses. With price points starting at just $500 per month and a variety of add-ons to customize the right travel package for you, Escapade appeals to a wide range of young adults in Asia.

Is Escapade just for leisure purposes?

You can use Escapade for any accommodation that is within our hotel partners offer, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure.  While the majority of your frequent stays may be for pleasure, we recognize that people travel for business as well which is why we have packages for businesses seeking to utilise our service for employee benefits or overseas travel. Work hard, play hard; use Escapade for it all.

How do I get started with Escapade?

All you have to do to start enjoying the freedom and flexibility of unlimited staycations is purchase one of the monthly Base Package. You can then customize your package to meet your unique travel needs with convenient Add-On Options that allow you to book rooms on weekends, make unlimited changes to your reservations and increase your number of open nights. Sign up today to get started.

What is included in the Base package when I sign up?

Your Base Escapade Package includes unlimited stays for a month with 2 open nights at a time, with a star rating guaranteed. You have to book rooms 7 days in advance.

Can I book last minute stays?

We all know things often come up at the last minute and you should not have to worry about whether or not you can be there when you need to be. For that very reason, we are working on an upgrade to your package for Last Minute Bookings which allows you to book rooms within the 7 days, up to 6 hours in advance.

May I book any room I want?

With Escapade, you can book any room you want with any of our hotel partners that has an available room within the designated category. All of the rooms you book through Escapade are rooms booked as Standard category. See all the hotels currently offered by Escapade by Country: Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Can I make changes to a reservation after it is booked?

Meet ups get cancelled; priorities shift and changes need to be made. That is why we offer the Unlimited Changes Add-On to your Base Package. Make all the changes you need to for one monthly cost.  Pay for it upfront, and never pay a change fee again!

The Escapade Base Package is designed for individuals who know that their schedule doesn’t often change, so fees do apply if changes need to be made, depending on your package tier.  If changes are made 7 or more days before a stay, the fee starts from $50.  For changes or cancellations made less than 7 days before a stay, the fee starts $100.  Reservation changes are for the same hotel and same nights only.  These fees are all-inclusive prices which include all taxes, government and hotel imposed fees.

What happens if I need to cancel a staycation?

In the event that you need to cancel a staycation, the fees start from $100 depending on your package tier.

I prefer crashing outside of home most times of the week. What is the max number of nights I can reserve at one time?

The Escapade Base Package allows for 2 open reservations at a time but people who have a greater need can easily add an additional 2 open reservations per month by purchasing the More Open Bookings Add-On option. See pricing section for more detail.

Can I purchase more than one Add-On at a time?

Yes! We strive to meet the unique needs of everyone and hope you will customize the Escapade Base Package with as many Add-On Options as necessary to build the package that is right for you.

How much does Escapade cost?

After you set up your New Escapee Account with a one-time Activation Fee of $100, you pay one monthly fee for unlimited staycations. Your specific monthly cost will depend on how you customize your package. This is an all-inclusive price which includes all taxes, government and hotel imposed fees. Click here to see detailed pricing information.

Do I have to make a long-term commitment to Escapade?

Escapees pay month-to-month for the flexibility of unlimited staycations in that month.  No long term commitment is required and you can cancel, upgrade or downgrade your package at any time if your lifestyle changes.

How can I customize or change my current package with Add-On options?

​You can change your Escapade Base Package at any time. Most individuals prefer to buy a couple of months of Base Package with add-ons so as to lock in the agreed service benefits during point of purchase.  It is possible to customize during mid-month of service, however the full Add-On Option price will be applied.

You can also change your plan to remove Add-ons out of your service, but only in advance for the next duration’s package.  Once an upgrade is chosen for the current duration, then it becomes a part of your package for that entire duration.

What additional benefits does Escapade offer?

With every Escapade Package, individuals receive a number of other added benefits including Quality Reviews of hotels from our internal QA team, Frequent Escapee Points when your account is active with a package with us multiple times throughout a year, Partner Discounts from various merchants who offer complementary staycation products and services, as well as 16/7 support from 8am to 12am daily.

What is an Escapade Founding Escapee? How can I be one?

Escapade Founding Escapees are the inaugural members who benefit from the flexibility and freedom of unlimited staycations with major hotels for one fixed monthly fee.  The first 100 people who sign up on Escapade will be given Founding Escapee status and may qualify for additional incentives and privileges. Contact us today at for more information on being a Founding Escapee.

Where can Escapade take me?

Escapade currently plans to service Singapore, with more than 10 hotel choices across the country. All available hotels are listed through the region links on our Homepage.

Does Escapade plan to expand services to other countries and regions?

Absolutely. Our team has received such a positive response from individuals across Asia. This widespread interest has led us to accelerate our expansion efforts, with plans to service regional countries at the time of launch.  The proposed countries are coming to the service soon, but please contact us if there is anywhere you would like to see Escapade expand to first.

Which hotels are available and can I choose which hotel I’d like to stay in?

Escapade currently offers rooms with major hotels like Amara Hotel, Adonis Hotel and more. You can most certainly choose which hotel you prefer to stay in as long as there is a room available within the designated category. We will also be adding more hotel options in the future to better serve Escapade customers.

How do I book a room?

Booking rooms with Escapade couldn’t be easier – you will be able to book a room with a simple click on your smartphone or tablet through our upcoming app.  Simply select your date and choose your hotel from the options Escapade present. Once you select your room, your reservation is complete and you will receive a confirmation number.   The whole process takes less than a minute!

Why is booking with Escapade better?

The process of booking with Escapade is even simpler than what you are used to, as you no longer need to worry about hunting and waiting for deals from quality hotels. You still get to choose where you wish to stay, when you need stay, and which hotel you prefer.  The great thing about booking with Escapade is how simple it is to use and how easy it makes staycations.

With your travel information already in the system and your monthly payment covering every room you book within the hotel choices, there is no need to spend any extra time on the process. With just a few clicks you can book a room with any of our hotels without wasting time reviewing reviews, searching for quality hotels or worrying about the cost.  Booking with Escapade allows you to spend your time enjoying moments and do away with checking hotel deals and managing budgets.

How far in advance can I book my staycations?

You can book as far in advance as you’d like, given that you’ve paid for an Escapade package for the date that you’d like to book.  If you have paid for an Escapade package 3 months in advance, then you can book stays 3 months in advance.

How late can I book my hotel?

At Escapade, we understand that sometimes you just need to book last minute, so we will build our products around what you need most.  With the Last Minute Booking Add-on Option coming in the future, you can book a room at the last minute or at least 6 hours before check in, allowing you the flexibility to crash out whenever you need to. With the Escapade Base Package, hotels must be booked 7 days in advance.

How many nights can I reserve at one time?

The Escapade Base Package allows you to book 2 open reservations at a time. An open reservation is defined as one night in one room. As soon as you checkout or cancel one of those stays, your booking ability is refreshed and you are able to place another reservation.  For people with a greater need, it is easy to add 2 additional open reservations to your Escapade Base Package. See pricing information for more detail.

What do you mean by two allowable nights?

This means you are able to have 2 nights booked at any point in time. It could be 2 nights in a row or 2 bookings of 1 night each. Whenever you check out from your stay, your booking is refreshed and you’ll be able to book more nights up to the max allowable of 2 nights, unless you purchase an add-on for additional allowable nights.

What if I'm unable to make it for my stay?

In the event you’re unable to make it for your stay, kindly cancel your booking as soon as possible so as not to incur charges. Repeated no-shows at your stays might result in us closing your account to prevent fraudulent activities.

What do I do if I have a problem?

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you have a problem at the hotel, don’t hesitate to call our 16×7 customer service team. We’re here to make your staycation experience enjoyable!