Getaway by the Bay (Hotel)

Writer: Kelvin Wang


It is December and we know that this is the season to be jolly! And jolly was indeed the feeling I experienced when I received news that I was given a complimentary night stay at Bay Hotel Singapore. What better way to have an intimate Christmas celebration with a special someone than to have a staycation? This was the perfect economical alternative to a year-end getaway.



Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 5.21.29 pm

The lobby lounge of Bay Hotel


To my surprise, I found it easy to navigate my way to the hotel despite not having experience in traveling there before. I could even do away with the help of Google Maps! Bay Hotel Singapore is nestled at the gateway of Sentosa and opposite Singapore’s largest shopping mall, VivoCity. To give you a visual description of the location, this was the view of the sunrise that I managed to catch from my room.



Need a spot of shopping midway through your staycay? Pop into VivoCity Mall, just opposite the Bay Hotel


When you think of reviewing the standard of a hotel for a potential revisit, what pops to your mind first? Good views? Fancy suites? Michelin Star Restaurants? For me, the most important aspect of a hotel is definitely the level of service standard. And I must say, the service at Bay Hotel Singapore was impeccable. The staff gave a warm welcome upon my arrival into the hotel. I only had to wait a mere five minutes for my room card thanks to the efficiency of the counter staff.


Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 5.19.18 pm

The Deluxe Queen room

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 5.18.59 pm

The Deluxe Queen room – an alternative view


The first thing that caught my eye when I entered the room was the view of Sentosa Gateway and VivoCity (pictured above). I adored the light that entered from the glass windows and how it filled every crevice of the room. Albeit small in space, the rooms at Bay Hotel Singapore were cozy and minimalistic – the two things I have on my checklist in terms of room ambience. The next stop of my room tour was the minibar.


All snacks and drinks in the minibar are complimentary


I do not usually take anything from the minibar because let’s face it – it is filled with snacks and beverages that are way overpriced. Unless it is free – which is exactly the case for Bay Hotel. Yes, you heard me. Every room in Bay Hotel is equipped with a complimentary fully-stacked minibar. The inner glutton in me immediately ripped open a packet of Casava chips and flipped the TV on to channel-surf.

About an hour into snacking on my chips, I received a call from the front desk. To my delight, they offered to switch me to a bigger room. Sweet, I must have been a good boy this year! The staff explained that they had intended to give me this room at the beginning but it was not ready at the moment when I arrived. Hence, they allocated this room first to save me the hassle and frustration of waiting for my room to be prepared. Service? Definitely A-plus.


Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 5.21.17 pm

The spread at Street 50 Restaurant & Bar, Bay Hotel’s in-house restaurant


The next morning, I was more than ready for my breakfast at Street 50 Restaurant and Bar.

The breakfast buffet lasts from 6am to 10:30am and All-Day Dining starts from 12noon to 10:30pm. Breakfast covered a wonderful spread of international cuisines. I had croissants, scrambled eggs, dumplings and porridge. Talk about variety! As I woke up too early for breakfast (you could blame it on my over-excitement), I went back to catch up on some sleep. However, with my checkout timing at 12noon, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get up in time. A quick call to the front desk and my check out timing was kindly pushed back. A 2-hour nap from 10am to 12noon after a hearty breakfast buffet? Draw the curtains, I am ready to sleep!

Checking out was a bittersweet affair as I was reluctant to return my room card and give up the beautiful room. But alas, all good things must come to an end – in my case, a short but very sweet staycation at Bay Hotel Singapore. As I traveled back to mainland Singapore, I could not help but start planning my next visit to this man-made paradise.


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